..Max controlled DMX lighting…………………….

The aim of this project was to improve upon the design of regular DMX controllers.  Rather than storing positions of lights and moving between them, which is a very limiting method, I wanted to use sequences and combinations of wave shapes and algorithms to position the lights, as well as being able to keep the movement in time with the music.

This patch controls the pan, tilt, colour, strobe, gobo and gobo rotation of four scanners and strobe, brightness and colour mixing of each LED on the ACME Miracled.

Using different algorithms for pan and tilt, grouping these movements, flipping and rotating them, leaning them towards a direction and changing the amplitude, the lights can produce an almost infinite number of patterns which can be stored and crossfaded between, all in time to the music.  In addition to this, patterns can be sequenced, stepped between and so much more I can’t put it all down!

Here’s a screenshot of the patch:

Max patch fro controlling DMX lighting
Max patch fro controlling DMX lighting

And here’s a video of it in action at Drum Disciples:

..Max controlled DMX lighting…………………….

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