..crowd controller………………………..

This is a large controller for the crowd to use during an ableton live set. It was built with perspex, wood, silicone, an arduino, Max/MSP and a lot of wires.

Unlike a regular midi controller, the crowd controller uses a time-code from ableton to keep its time-based effects constantly in-time. This means the audience cannot go wrong. In addition to this, the DJ can play his set in ableton live and choose which channels are affected by which effects on the  controller.

The LEDs show which effects are available and when one, or a few of of similar sound have been over used, the LED goes out and the effect is disabled. after 8 bars, the effects is then available again.

The rotary faders are sprung which means when a user lets go they will return to their original position. This again prevents the user from making undesired changes to the music.

The effects available are: beat repeat, beat build up, beat roll out, pitch up, pitch down, re-pitch, crossfade  (between two ableton tracks), reverse,reverb, distortion, flange, filter, phaser and delay.

Here’s a short demo:

..crowd controller………………………..

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